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Broncos giving time to Case Keenum to consider future

General Manager John Elway declared Wednesday the Broncos will practice the 2019 contract choices for beneficiary Emmanuel Sanders and cautious end Derek Wolfe. Quarterback Case Keenum’s future with the group is less sure.

Keenum, 31, likely is proceeding onward again following one year in Denver.

“We don’t know yet,” Elway said. “As I told Case when I talked to him, the different options that we are going to work with him and give him time to think about it. We’ll circle back with Case and see where he is and go from there.”

The Broncos’ trade for Joe Flacco, which won’t wind up authority until March 13, makes vulnerability for Keenum. The group is required to shop Keenum, who marked a two-year bargain in the offseason and has a $21 million salary cap number for 2019.

Keenum said he was “shocked” at the Broncos’ trade for Flacco. It will come as large of a stun for Keenum to stay in Denver as a backup in 2019.

He turned into a full-time starter for the first time in 2017, driving the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game, and he began every one of the 16 amusements in 2018 for the Broncos.

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