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New E-Tech AWD in the Renault Rafale Coupe-SUV Packs 300 HP and Explores New Design Horizons

In its own words, Renault is attempting to expand its territory, particularly now that it has completed its work in the compact segment. The witty “Renaulution” strategy called for powerful new vehicles like the Arkana coupe-SUV, which was built on the old Duster B0 platform, the Austral crossover SUV, which was a replacement for the Kadjar and was built on the Alliance’s CMF-CD platform with the Nissan Qashqai, or the Megane E-Tech electric hero, which was built on the CMF-EV platform.

The sixth-generation Espace, which is now a CUV with five or seven seats and is heavily based on the Austral, and the all-new Rafale are two examples of the company’s efforts to enter the superior (D) mid-size segment. Because Rafale is a French word for strong winds, the name conjures up images of nature’s might for the French. However, this model represents the future of “hybrid powertrains (and) electronic equipment) in a flagship” as well as Renault’s record-setting past for the brand. Since the Caudron-Renault Rafale aircraft “flew at a record-breaking 445 kph (276.5 mph) in 1934,” the name is also used as a tribute to it.

So, it makes sense that Renault decided to hold the model’s official unveiling at an aviation show, right? Moving on, “entirely designed according to the new visual language that Gilles Vidal has brought in as head of Design Renault,” this is the first production vehicle. Moreover, just because Renault uses the terms “flagship” and “coupe-SUV” interchangeably does not imply that it is at the top of the luxury segment alongside German premium automakers like BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. Instead, despite the fact that their daring Arkana demonstrated that a mainstream brand can also do it, they are still attempting to democratize the coupe-SUV concept.

Sure, it still combines features from the mainstream and premium segments, including the new front styling of the 2024 Clio facelift and the new Espace’s top-of-the-line Esprit Alpine trim, which also gives Rafale its long wheelbase of 2.74 meters (107.8 inches). but it’s not entirely practical either. Nevertheless, the brand-new SUV has a 530-liter (18.7 cu. ft.) trunk for longer excursions and journeys. The use of recycled materials in the powertrain area, top-notch connectivity features, and “a standard-setting chassis brimming with passion and know-how from Renault engineers” are additional highlights, according to Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of the Renault brand.

Regarding engines, the 200-horsepower E-Tech full hybrid base model of the all-new Renault Rafale will be available in the markets where it is intended to be sold next spring. The new 300-horsepower E-Tech plug-in hybrid model with 4×4 will also be available to those who want more of everything.

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