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Microsoft says the first Surface Duo will get Android 11 preceding the year’s end

Microsoft announced another Surface Duo 2 this week that is shipping with Android 11, and presently the organization is resolving to deliver the OS update for unique gadgets this year. “We remain committed to providing updates to Surface Duo, and we’re working to bring Android 11 to existing customers before the end of this year,” says a Microsoft representative in an assertion to The Verge.

That is not a firm release date, but rather then we’ve never had one for Android 11 on the Surface Duo. Past reports proposed it would land in the late spring, yet as we draw nearer to fall and there was no notice at Microsoft’s Surface occasion, it’s unmistakably taking longer than expected.

We’re actually holding on to hear exactly what Android 11 on the Surface Duo will bring. Android 11 has local help for double screen gadgets like the Duo, so it ought to work on a portion of the product encounters on the gadget. During our concise gander at the Surface Duo 2, it seems like Android 11 carries minor changes to Microsoft’s performing multiple tasks framework, instead of an update. The Surface Duo 2 presently defaults to expecting that the right-hand screen is the essential one, however it’s not satisfactory if that equivalent change will go to the first Surface Duo.

While Microsoft has sent various updates for the Surface Duo, it has still stayed a genuinely buggy gadget. Surface Duo clients have griped of customary issues with performing multiple tasks and motions, a screen winding down during book mode, and lockups utilizing the unique mark peruser.

Android 11 will presently show up similarly as Google continues on to Android 12. We’re anticipating that Android 12 should make a big appearance on Pixel gadgets inescapably, and it’s not satisfactory when the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 will be refreshed. Microsoft has recently dedicated to three years of OS and security refreshes for the Surface Duo.

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