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Microsoft And Samsung Collaborate To Convert Smartphones Into Webcams For Teams

With its Galaxy Book4 computer series, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to allow smartphones to be used as webcams for video conferencing.

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This could result in improved video call image quality as well as increased mobility enabling the user to roam around the room and share a more dynamic view of their workspace and surroundings.

The recently introduced Galaxy Book4 will also have multidevice connectivity thanks to Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered platform that improves PC and mobile experiences.

In a press release, the consumer electronics company Samsung revealed the most recent iteration of the Galaxy Book4: “Samsung recently celebrated the debut of the new Galaxy Book4 series – its most intelligent and powerful PC line-up yet.

“The newest series features an ultra-portable design, clever performance, improved security, and a vibrant, interactive display.

Samsung has been pushing the boundaries of what a PC can accomplish and working with Microsoft to develop new, seamless connected experiences.

Integration of Smartphone Camera

With video conferencing becoming a standard feature of both home and business communications and hybrid working growing more popular, it makes sense for Samsung to incorporate the portability and quality of a smartphone into their most recent Galaxy Book.

Smartphone cameras can now be accessed by the Galaxy Book4 for video conferences using programmes like Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, users will be able to quickly and conveniently change the camera’s view on their mobile devices by using the front and back cameras without touching their PC.

You may also utilise a number of smartphone features, like Autoframing and Background Blur, to help keep your image in focus regardless of your surroundings.

Improved Communication via Microsoft Copilot

With Microsoft Copilot, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users will be able to compose and send messages automatically from your PC, as well as locate, read, and summarise texts.

want to go out with you, and it will be able to recommend restaurants based on past recommendations from pals in text chats.

You can accomplish all of this from your PC without even having to turn on your phone.

According to reports, the Galaxy Book4 will make it easier and faster for you to access smartphone features and information.

Copilot was introduced with the intention of improving productivity and simplifying daily job management by making device communication so seamless that it practically seems like using a single device.

Samsung claims that as a result of its continued partnership with Microsoft, new features for the Galaxy Book4 series will be added, and as Copilot grows to incorporate additional apps, Samsung Galaxy devices will get smarter.

In addition, the Galaxy Book4 may be connected to other gadgets to provide an enhanced audio experience, such as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro or the Tab S9 Ultra, which can be used as a substitute monitor.

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