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Meet Rabi Sfaxi, celebrity barber who supported Moroccan footballers with World Cup trims in Qatar

Hakim Ziyech, Zakaria Aboukhal, Achraf Hakimi, Sofyan Ambrabat, and Abdelhamid Sabiri may sound like big names. But in reality, it is just a handful of the world-class players who get their hair cut by Rabi Sfaxi. 

With an experience of more than a decade cutting and styling hairs for footballers and celebrities, the Dubai based barber ‘Rabi Sfaxi’ flew out to Qatar to keep the Moroccan World Cup heroes look fresh for their match.

Rabi got his break through working in Beats & Cuts salon, who have introduced him to Moroccan camps. He is a popular Instagram personality and an influencer who motivates people through his content and videos. Very impactful, Rabi Sfaxi, also known as Rabi the Barber, influences his fans to pursue happiness by working hard. He believes no profession is big or small. What matters is the lens through which people view their profession. Rabi is a celebrity barber who cuts hair for a variety of celebrities, but he has never let this become a source of pride. In fact, he has further humbled himself and has resolved to help individuals in every way that he can.

If you make an appointment with Rabi, what is certain is that you will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and hence you must prepare yourself to experience the time of your life. He suggests his fans to choose the professions where their interest and contentment lies, and not the ones which are the most lucrative in the market. This is because any profession, no matter how small, will give you the most profit if you are genuinely inclined towards it. 

Furthermore, Rabi described his hairstyling effort for the Moroccan team as “something special” and explained how it came about. 

The Instagram celebrity barber who has thousands of followers added: “I stumbled upon it, Hakim wanted a fresh new look. I had to give him some confidence and didn’t want to go for that bold look that would stand out from anywhere.”

Apart from Hakim Ziyech, he also did the haircut for other big names including Zakaria Aboukhal, Achraf Hakimi, Sofyan Ambrabat, and Abdelhamid Sabiri.

All pictures can be found on his Instagram page @rabithebarber

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