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Malaysia’s Realme 12x 5G Official Launch is Scheduled for May 2

Realme Malaysia recently declared that the realme 12x 5G, its newest mid-range device, will be available in our nation starting next month.

According to a press statement from realme Malaysia, our nation will deploy 12x 5G on May 2. With its unique, eye-catching Light Feather Design and lightning-fast 5G connectivity, the 12x 5G aims to be Malaysia’s best 5G smartphone option within its price range.

The realme 12x 5G, which carries on the flagship medium round camera design, attracts attention with its Light Feather Design, which is made feasible by nanoscale photolithography. The phone’s surface is covered in hundreds of thousands of incredibly lifelike feather motifs that have seen more than 64 million structural modifications in the dazzling coating. With varying lithography energies, each grating structure is exposed in 0.00033 seconds, creating a three-dimensional depth that embodies the beauty and elegance of a feather.

A soft release is suggested by the way the pattern softly echoes the feathers’ twirling in the breeze. In addition, the newest smartphone in the market has a lightning-fast 5G network architecture that allows for a peak download speed of up to 3.27Gbps, which is quicker than the majority of its competitors in the same price range.

The 360° Surround Six-Antenna 5G Layout, DAT Smart Antenna Technology, and Signal Enhancement Technology are just a few of the technologies that provide realme 12x 5G, which guarantees customers a high and consistent signal strength even in areas with weak signals.

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