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LONGER Redefining Precision Laser Cutting and Engraving with the Launch of Nano on Kickstarter

The newest products from LONGER, a well-known brand in the fields of advanced 3D printing and laser engraving, are the Longer Nano and Nano Pro. These devices, which will only be available on Kickstarter, are set to arrive on February 20 and promise to redefine professional-grade precision and adaptability at affordable costs.

Announcing Nano and Nano Pro

LONGER’s dedication to pushing limits and creating new standards in the world of laser technology is embodied in Nano and Nano Pro. These innovative gadgets are ready to serve a wide range of users, from professionals wanting optimal performance to hobbyists seeking exquisite craftsmanship.

Innovative Elements

The core of Nano’s power is its expert-level accuracy and precision. Nano is made to work with a wide range of materials and applications. It can cut through wood up to 8 mm thick with unmatched precision. The integration of Field Lens technology, which guarantees unparalleled accuracy at a startling 0.02*0.02mm, allows for this accomplishment.

Furthermore, Nano stands out from traditional options thanks to its lightning-fast engraving speed of 2200mm/s, which is powered by the Galvo System. This lets artists express their creativity without sacrificing effectiveness or quality.

With the incredible costs of Nano and Nano Pro during the Kickstarter launch, everyone will be able to afford professional-grade precision.

Early adopters will also be the only ones eligible for exclusive offers and discounts, giving them the chance to get these innovative devices at even more alluring costs. But, as these offers are only going to be accessible for a short period of time during the Kickstarter campaign, you must move quickly.

Designed with artists, inventors, and enthusiasts in mind, Nano and Nano Pro provide a seamless combination of precision, portability, and versatility. Users can explore the limits of their imagination with these gadgets, whether they are handling curved surfaces or creating straight lines.

Additionally, Nano’s easy integration with well-known programmes like Lightburn and LaserGrb guarantees a hassle-free experience and makes it simple for users to take advantage of the full potential of these cutting-edge instruments.

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