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Leaked PS5 Pro Specs Point to a Significant Mid-Generation Leap

Online rumors of the PlayStation 5 Pro’s specifications point to a notable increase in power provided by Sony’s unannounced mid-generation gaming system.

Sony’s PS5 Pro, or “Trinity” as it is purportedly called internally, has a plethora of specifications and facts regarding the upcoming device from an internal presentation document, according to a recent YouTube video from Moore’s Law is Dead.

A remark on the presentation describing the machine’s capabilities states: “When running on Trinity, PlayStation 5 titles can support higher resolution and frame rate.” These details point to some extremely intriguing and exciting performance gains.

According to the docs, the PS5 Pro’s rendering capabilities will be “about 45% faster than the standard PlayStation 5”, and its ray tracing will be significantly enhanced—up to two or four times faster than the standard PS5. Additionally, there are details that suggest a console GPU with 33.5 teraflops of power; in comparison, the normal PS5 has 10.28 teraflops. This is a significant step forward and suggests something we may see generation after generation as opposed to something incremental, like the PS4 Pro from the previous generation demonstrated.

In addition, the document mentions “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution,” which is purported to be Sony’s proprietary upscaling technology, “custom architecture for machine learning,” and “PlayStation machine learning,” which may see “support for up to 8K resolutions.” These are the exceptions to the numbers.

Insider Gaming has since verified the information and stories, while IGN has confirmed that the leaks are authentic. Both sources claim that the disclosures originated from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Developer Network.

These should obviously not be accepted at face value or as unquestionable truth because there has been no official confirmation. But this will be a big change for a mid-generation refresh if a PS5 Pro console achieves even half of this kind of performance boost when it appears in late 2024, as rumors indicate.

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