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Jennifer Yu Wins the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress

After the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards came to an end on April 14, Jennifer Yu’s performance in In Broad Daylight earned her the Best Actress prize. But there was controversy around her victory. Many online users said that Jennifer’s victory was solely due to chance, given the other four nominees lacked both experience and skill. Tony Leung received his sixth Oscar for Best Actor. Even though Tony hasn’t won an Oscar in 19 years, some people have argued that he should declare he will no longer be accepting them, giving younger performers the chance instead.

Jennifer declared in her acceptance speech that she would spend the rest of her life improving as an actress. Following the awards ceremony, she went to a celebration dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui with the winners of the Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor prizes, Rachel Leung and David Chiang.

Even though her husband Tim Luk is not well-versed in the workings of the entertainment world, Jennifer is appreciative of his unwavering support. Tim finds himself responsible for caring for their son by himself because Jennifer’s work schedule is erratic.

Jennifer is set to act alongside Kenny Wong in a drama for her upcoming film production. When the two main characters switch bodies, Jennifer’s acting skills will be tested because she has to convert into a “crude man.” Since Jennifer hasn’t filmed many dramas, the announcement has fans thrilled.

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