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Instagram & TikTok are unique in their own way, says Iranian Comedy Star Kamyar696

The easiest way to know what anybody is up to is by seeing it online. Very few have been successful at evading this social media phenomenon. Needs, desires, and fantasies are all fulfilled online. The need to stay connected with friends and family wirelessly. Desires of the heart come true with the touch of a button (and a few dollars!). But let’s not get into fantasies as you already know! Over the years, social media platforms have also brought out extraordinary talent and amazing skills of people. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more have unleashed art and abilities. A young Iranian national under the nom de plume of Kamyar696 is churning quite a storm in the country’s entertainment industry. 

Born on 17th December, 1994 as Amir Hamdollahzadeh, the boy showed numerous talents while growing up. Love for music and films was registered quite early in life along with the desire to achieve fame and success. As the years went by, Amir started exploring his creative side more and more. He discovered improvisational comedy that blew his mind away. Amir says, “I fell in love with improv comedy almost instantly. The ability to become anyone or anything quickly is what challenged my mind.” Amir took his talent for improv comedy online by posting funny sketch videos on Instagram. He received appreciative comments and love from the people and today has over 2 million followers. On TikTok, he has received over 1 million likes. On these social media platforms, Amir says, “Instagram and TikTok both have their set of features. I love using both and interacting with my followers everywhere.”  Apart from comedy, Amir is also a trained singer and dabbles in music production. To date, he has released three singles and more are on the way this year. Whenever Amir is not shooting videos or making music, he works out and eats right. One of his other passions is fitness and has participated in several competitions. On his future plans, Amir adds, “I would love to act in movies and work more on my comedy and music. I wish to be a bona fide Hollywood actor.” The speed and success rate at which Amir is going, he is sure to achieve bigger and finer things in life. 

The internet has transformed hundreds and thousands of lives better all across the world. Now talent and skill cannot hide. But can only shine and thrive.

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