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Injecting enzymes into the lips and changing the shape of the lips from the words of Dr. Shokoofeh Barazandeh:

Although the popularity of lip fillers is increasing day by day due to their non-permanent and incredible results, it is also important to have the option to reverse the treatment. Not just to make sure you get the most perfect result, but to keep you safe. You may be happy with the results of lip gel injections, but you may not really like them after a few weeks. Do not worry. If you have any problems with the results of your treatment, your doctor can remove the lip gel using an enzyme that dissolves the hyaluronidase filler and restore your lips to their original shape. Lip filler removal can also be performed for patients who want to reduce the volume of their lips and return to a more natural appearance.

If you’re unhappy with your final results or just want your lips to look a little better, the good news is that in most cases, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can make adjustments or improve the results of your lip gel injections. The best way to deal with this depends on the nature and severity of the problem as well as the type of filler that was initially injected.

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