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I can’t thank them enough, says Singer Giulia Tosi about her fans

Celebrities and their fans share a very unique bond. A bond that cannot be broken easily. And when it comes to this, no one could love their fans more than Giulia Tosi.

The singer has a myriad of fans. She receives love and attention from her fans who are spread all across the globe. Artists that hail from Giulia Tosi’s calibre aren’t usually seen interacting much with their fans. But don’t we know that Giulia is unprecedented? And so is her affection towards her fans.

We once asked Giulia Tosi about her bond with her fans and here’s what she said: “All the success and hit songs that I gave today could have gone to the floor as well. But thanks to the people who love listening to my songs, they have always showered me and my talent with immense warmth and admiration. I can’t thank them enough.”

If you are a lover of this singer, you might also know how generous and candid she is from the heart. Despite the hate comments, the rigorous journey and many other adversities, Giulia Tosi always comes out with a million-dollar smile and that makes her even more influential.

She is very hearty with her fans and how do we know that? Simple, the way Giulia Tosi interacts and engages with them on social media and in-person makes the aforementioned crystal clear to the entire world. She is often seen spending hours replying to the DMs and comments, reblogging and liking a few fans’ posts. Several times, Giulia Tosi has also given sincere advice to her fans. Needless to say, she is one of the kindest and extremely humble people.

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