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Spell bounding listeners with her innate talent, skills, and expertise is Shiva Nosrati. Her new track “Me Ashaghe To Hastarom” has created waves within the music realm.

Music is the perfect therapy to heal the human heart and mind. Music industry is the only industry which connects with millions of people through the art of music-craft. Several music artists have shown their immense talent and have entertained the audience’s utmost with their music skills. Have a glance at an established young multi-talented artist of the music industry- Shiva Nosrati. She has much popularity and tremendous success with her recent songs like – –– Tavaload, Khooneye Akhar, Me Ashaghe To Hastarom, Dige Dire, Yaghi, Gole Khakestari, Tamare bi Javab and many more. The immense success of her tracks enhances her creativity and skills in music.

Shiva has come across a long journey, the self-made artist sheer hard-work, dedication, passion and consistent performance in her work. This further propelled her to become a familiar name for massive audiences and industry. As we all know music industry is blessed with massive great artist, who have set their own music aura in the mind and heart of millions of audiences. For young artist like Shiva, it’s the biggest challenge to establish themselves with their own music creation. But Shiva made it possible with a perfect sense beat and rhythm and the pro knowledge of music which made her one of the youngest successful artists.

While creating a track she always keeps her fans and audiences in mind that her track should pour happiness in their stressful lives. She is currently working on his next project which will feature shortly, for which her fans and even industry people are waiting for his up-coming tracks. Her melodious tracks have already won the heart of millions of people. Shiva is setting an example for all the future talent of music. Conveying a strong message – ‘Nothing seems impossible if you have passion and love for your work.’

Best wishes to this young and promising talent for all future endeavors. Stay connected with him on

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