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HD Chromecast that comes with Google TV is less expensive than ever

Due in part to the fact that you can frequently find the devices on sale, Chromecast with Google TV has been one of the best ways to add more streaming options to an existing setup since 2020. Prior to the Super Bowl weekend, Amazon discounted both versions of the streaming stick to that point. The 4K version is currently available for just under $40 after a 20% discount. The HD version, on the other hand, is at an all-time low of $19.98.

If you’re on a tight budget or prefer the way Google does things over its rivals, the 4K and HD versions of Chromecast with Google TV are excellent options. In 2020, Engadget gave the 4K version an 86 score.

The inclusion of Dolby Vision and Atmos support, a comfortable and simple-to-use remote, and excellent integration with Google Assistant were among the highlights. If you haven’t yet upgraded to a 4K television, the HD version is a compelling option that performs similarly well. One of the reasons not to use a Chromecast with a Google TV system was because of its slow performance.

However, this past summer, Google released a software update to fix that problem. As a result, you can’t go wrong with a Google streaming stick unless you’re willing to pay a lot more for something like an Apple TV.

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