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Google’s Weather Lockscreen Clock On Android 14 QPR2 Now Includes An Alarm And DND Icons

Although they use different typefaces, the most of the clocks unveiled for the Android 14 lockscreen have the same stacked format. With Android 14 QPR2, the Pixel’s Weather lockscreen clock now features status icons for alarm and Do Not Disturb (DND), making it more distinctive.

This clock displays the day/date and the current weather on the left, with the time—which is a little on the little side and might be larger—in the top-left corner. In the meantime, the right edge displays the temperature.

Google has included DND and alarm icons to Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3, which are located across from the weather. One active at a time looks much cleaner, and it’s fascinating that Google decided against stacking them vertically.

This weather clock’s Pixel always-on display also shows the DND and alarm symbols. Google used to rely solely on the status bar icons, which are not displayed on the AOD and are naturally considerably smaller.

It will be fascinating to observe how frequently Google releases new lockscreen clocks in the future—they are supposedly limited to Pixel devices. Although both capabilities are present on the Pixel Fold’s internal screen, the company has not yet added lockscreen clocks or customised shortcuts to the Pixel Tablet.

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