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Google is purportedly planning a next-gen Chromecast with Google TV

Google is preparing a sequel of the Google Chromecast with Google TV. Last year, Google changed the high finish of the Chromecast line from a dead-simple, streaming-only video gadget to a full-blown Android streamer with installable apps, a safe UI, and an actual remote. The move was adequately a consolidation of Google’s two TV products, the Chromecast and Android TV, with the redid, Android TV-based software being rebranded “Google TV.”

The next-generation version of the gadget is codenamed “Boreal” and was seen in some documentation close to “Sabrina,” the code name for the current Chromecast with Google TV. The report doesn’t have any insights concerning what we can anticipate from the new Chromecast, however the current gadget makes them glare inadequacies that will ideally be fixed.

The most serious issue with the current Chromecast? You truly need to contemplate whether it was really planned starting from the earliest stage to run Android. The gadget has a measly 8GB of capacity for the whole OS and all your applications and updates. Indeed, even $100 Android telephones have 64GB of capacity now, and 8GB isn’t enough for even light application utilization. Some Android games are surpassing 10GB nowadays, so you can’t introduce them on the new Chromecast, even before a large portion of the capacity is saved for the base OS.

The other issue with the current dongle is the absence of AV1 support. AV1 is Google’s most recent video codec, expanding on the accomplishment of VP8 and VP9. AV1’s unrivaled pressure and eminence free permitting deserve it the help of Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Facebook, Arm, Hulu, and a huge load of different organizations. Google is having YouTube incline so intensely into AV1 that it is building custom AV1 transcoders for its server ranches. As manages YouTube equipment accomplices are rethought, Google is making AV1 hardware support a component of the deal; this was apparently one of the issues in the Google v. Roku fight.

However, google’s own Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t support AV1. There’s a decent possibility Google will fix that issue with the new generation, since using an older codec simply creates more bandwidth costs, and that implies more cash out of Google’s pocket.

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