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For AFC championship game, ‘there’s a big of confidence’ Patrick Mahomes will be prepared

There is supposedly “a lot of confidence” that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be prepared to play against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game one weekend from now.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was taken out of Sunday’s season finisher game against the Cleveland Browns when he was handled ungracefully and had all the earmarks of being experiencing blackout like manifestations on the field.

The Chiefs had the option to overcome the Browns for certain late-game heroics from veteran reinforcement quarterback Chad Henne, however as the Chiefs direct their concentration toward the Buffalo Bills, who they will have in the AFC Championship Game, one inquiry currently remains over all others: will Patrick Mahomes be prepared to play?

“Right now, he’s in the concussion protocol,” Glazer said.

“You see him having a hard time getting up and walking there, that’s more so because they’re saying it was almost like he got choked out, which I know a thing or two about. Not so much a concussion, but he still has to go through the concussion protocol. He was trying to get himself back in this game though, so there’s a lot of confidence that he’ll be able to go next week.”

This is generally uplifting news for Mahomes and the Chiefs.

In the event that Mahomes didn’t endure a blackout or some other genuine head or neck wounds, all signs positively appear to highlight a snappy return, well as expected for the Chiefs’ third successive AFC Championship Game.

After the game, Chiefs lead trainer Andy Reid saved points of interest yet additionally introduced an idealistic tone on Mahomes’ short term.

“He’s actually going pretty well,” Reid said. “I just talked to him and he’s doing good. We’ll see how he is tomorrow but right now he’s doing good.”

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