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DJ Youngmoon: One of the best DJ artists of the Middle East and Europe in 2021.

Future of DJing is DJ Youngmoon, new sensation of the Middle East and Europe.

With its regular growth, the music industry anticipates a tremendous expansion in EDM’s tomorrow to continue its long-term success. However, the music industry’s modern state has resulted in some significant changes that can help shape this new music trend in the future.

The most important factor that added to the rise of EDM is the development of online marketing. The advent of the Internet-enabled millions of people to join in and make the music industry one of the world’s most successful ones. Through social networking websites, people found more possibilities to create a name for themselves and build an enormous fan base through various online marketing platforms.

With the progress of online marketing, professionals can easily reach out to millions of people. But this also brought about the addition to the number of scams in the industry. It also led to a deterioration in the quality of music that many bands are producing. Therefore, to circumvent this from happening, many research and centres have been done to ensure that musicians’ next generation will maintain the quality standards that they have already established.

When it comes to the DJing industry and the DJing world, one knows the kind of race that already lives in the industry after the appearance of several skilled youngsters who have shown commitment in their work as a disk jockey.

Raring to be the numero uno in the field is one such youth from Cyprus, who understood he had it in him and thus, staked into the industry, becoming one of the sought after DJs in the Middle East and Europe; he is Gencay Dokmecioglu, widely known by his DJ name Youngmoon.

DJ Youngmoon now comes in top DJ artist under 25. He started his DJing journey in 2015, and five years he has grown as a superstar. Right from his childhood he was fond of music and loved to mix it and made up his mind to become a disk jockey.

Started DJing from Cyprus in all the top clubs around then he moved to Dubai and started performing as DJ. Due to his passion and stunning performances, he bagged the award of the year’s best entertainment as a top DJ. His name also comes in top DJs in Spain and many parts of the U.K.

After getting an award in Dubai, he created history. Yes, he became the first DJ to win an award in Dubai. Gencay Dokmecioglu, aka DJ Youngmoon, is the first-ever DJ from Cyprus who won an award in Dubai and worked in bbc1xtra bbcasianetwork and the first DJ from Cyprus who played in Ibiza.

To get connected with him, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @officialyoungmoon.

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