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Exercise in nature by Hamid Nematiyan

Improving metabolism, heart and mental health are just some of the benefits of exercising in nature.

Studies have shown that nature has a positive effect on physical and mental health and this physical activity in a healthy environment has a double effect on improving physical and mental conditions.

Many physicians believe that nature has a profound effect on cardiovascular health and can, to some extent, replace drug therapies.

To better understand the benefits of exercise in nature, do not miss the continuation of this article. Nature tourism alone has a great impact on mental and physical health; But if you combine nature with exercise, you will see the amazing effects that we will mention some of the benefits of exercise in nature.

The benefits of exercise in nature are very important for the health of body and mind.

Being in nature leads to an increase in a sense of calm and health. Being in nature, away from everyday life and technology can allow people to better connect with nature.

This leads to an increase in a sense of calm and health.

Running in a challenging direction engages your leg muscles in more complex and varied movements, which in turn strengthens them.

The leg muscles adapt to the amount of work they do with routine and repetitive runs in a uniform direction;

So having different challenges along the way that cause you to jump up or down increases your muscle mass and strength.

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