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Excellent and practical singing exercises for singers from the perspective of Milad Rabin, a famous Iranian singer and musician

In the art of singing, to have a good performance, you have to have a relatively large amount of sound energy. If your voice is always ready to sing, you will never be afraid to play high notes or consecutive concerts.

In general, the artist should always try to provide the best possible performance to his audience. To achieve this, you need to warm up your voice, do the necessary physical exercises regularly and take care of your vocal cords.

If you are careful, runners prepare their bodies and muscles for the race by doing some soft exercises before the race. Before performing the music, you should warm up your voice with some simple exercises such as inflating your lips and prepare yourself for a great performance to the audience. It is important to know that inflating the lips increases blood flow around the larynx and prevents damage to the vocal cords.

It is better not to sing while walking slowly, but to review the poems with yourself in a small and calm voice. All you have to do is sing as softly as possible. In fact, your goal is to use enough air to produce a ‘primitive’ sound. Of course, when you start training, it seems a bit difficult to control and produce such a subtle sound; This is because your voice may be unintentionally interrupted or the amount of air in your voice may be higher than your original voice, but there is no need to worry anyway. Fortunately, you can acquire this skill with practice. It might be a good idea to know that ‘slow reading’ is the best practice for learning difficult parts. In fact, by playing hard pieces slowly, you can fully master them and then play them out loud. By doing this exercise, not only will your vocal power increase, but your vocal range will also evolve, and by its nature, singing will be easy for you to drink.

Biography of Milad Rabin:

Milad Rabin, whose real name is Milad Akbari, is one of the oldest Iranian musicians who specializes in hip hop and rap. Milad was born on April 2, 1991. Many of Milad’s famous songs have been viewed by millions on world platforms.

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