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China’s Realme GT Neo 5 SE Receives The Android 14 Upgrade

For its GT Neo 5 SE smartphone, Realme has begun to roll out the official Realme UI 5.0 version in China. With the version number RMX3700_14.0.0.210(CN01), the Realme UI update for the GT Neo 5 SE smartphone in China will provide the most recent features of the Realme UI 5.0 custom appearance based on the Android 14 operating system.

In terms of modifications, the update includes a feature known as Fluid Cloud interaction form, which provides real-time reminders in various formats according to content and service status. Users can now more easily and rapidly obtain crucial information thanks to this.

The “Smart Car Space” in the Realme UI omnipresent service is one of the update’s features for drivers. This feature enables customers to access smart services while driving by displaying their phone’s screen directly on the vehicle’s system.

The installation of a new transfer station, which facilitates the transfer of content across devices and applications and increases multitasking efficiency, is a noteworthy upgrade. The upgrade also enhances text recognition, adding support for certain handwritten languages, and synchronises the portable workbench better.

Additionally, privacy and security are enhanced. Sharing images is now safer thanks to the update’s addition of a privacy watermark function for ID shots. It also makes the phone more secure by enhancing the way it handles photo and video permissions.

Smoother animations, quicker programme launches, and a more stable system are examples of performance enhancements. The upgrade also brings enhanced sound quality, water-themed ringtones, and a natural and crisper UI style thanks to an improved colour system.

With the introduction of the updated carbon footprint public welfare information screen, users can now see how their daily step count affects the environment.

Lastly, the update fixes a number of small bugs like issues with screen recording and NFC services, modifies the colour temperature of the screen, and adjusts the volume for different programmes.

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