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Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Phone Favours The Ranking Display DxOMark Bove The iPhone 15 Pro Max8

When it comes to choosing your new smartphone, the DxOMark test results are a great place to start, especially if you’re looking for one with an excellent display and camera performance. Regarding displays, the crew recently tested the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which currently retails for $1,300 on Amazon, and gave it an overall score of 155 points, placing it at the top of the list.

However, that was to be expected given that Samsung, ahead of LG Display, BOE, and Tianma, is the most well-known display manufacturer and provider. Therefore, it wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that the recently announced Galaxy S24 series has superior display performance thanks to Samsung’s experience.

That becomes much more evident when you look at the display of Samsung’s most affordable Galaxy S24 phone. The device’s display test results were released by DxOMark, and the regular S24 (now available on Amazon for $799.99) scored almost exactly as well as the more costly S24 Ultra.

More specifically, with an overall score of 154, the ordinary Samsung Galaxy S24 outperformed Apple’s most costly phone to date. To put things in perspective, the DxOMark test gave the iPhone 15 Pro Max (which starts at $1199.99) an overall score of 149 points.

More intriguingly, the less expensive model’s display performs better in touch and readability tests than the S24 Ultra’s. With scores of 170 and 163 points in these two categories, respectively, the basic Galaxy S24 is currently the best. Even though it performs better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there isn’t much of a score difference.

It isn’t as though choosing the pricey iPhone over the less costly Samsung Galaxy S24 will deprive you of a satisfying viewing experience. Not to mention, the S24 Plus’s total score is comparable to that of the regular model. The Artefacts test result is the only thing that differs.

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