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Beau Blankenship Has Been Recognized as A Successful Entrepreneur in The Real Estate Industry.

It is known at present that the desire for competition and superiority of Beau Blankenship is at the center of all. Beginning his post-graduate career as an American football forward, Beau Blankenship signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars for some time in 2014, and then, after a while, Beau Blankenship took up real estate. Discovered his passion for and helped some people who had dreams of their own Have a house.

Beau Blankenship says, I get ready every morning to work for my clients. It’s my goal to help them find their dream homes, whether it’s an investment property, a second home or always Be home for, Beau Blankenship started his career in a small boutique brokerage. Then in 2017, he expanded his horizons and started his own real estate brokerage. Blankenship currently owns Engel and Volker’s 30-A Beaches on Scenic Highway 30-A Beach, and also owns Blankenship Group, a property management company in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. His work with both companies revolves around beautiful real estate properties along the Northwest Florida coast. The picturesque location of beach communities is known as the best-kept secret of the South. Beau Blankenship had to learn all the ways and practical knowledge associated with real estate when he first started in the real estate industry, now he hopes to make it easier for others to change their lives and climb to the top of the real estate chain.

Over the past year, thousands of buyers have come to the quaint coast in search of a place to call their own. Beau Blankenship says that a pandemic like COVID has reshaped our work and our relationship with the working environment, this covid epidemic has given us the living conditions of our lives and our new potential that the ability to work from home is forced to consider it once again. With less pressure to work from a specific office location, markets outside the heavily populated cities were crowded enough to move and buy people. It was definitely evident in my market in Santa Rosa Beach

As Beau Blankenship looks forward to the future of the real estate market, he is grateful for all the opportunities he has and is excited to see where the future will take him. Beau Blankenship says that he is not very grateful to be in the position we are in now. And he says that he knows that his family and his entire Blankenship group will say the same thing, we feel extremely blessed for all the opportunities that we have.

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