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Apple Employee’s Leaked LinkedIn Profile Supports News About The 2nm TSMC Chip Production Process

Apple is continuously attempting to use R&D to revolutionise its iPhone portfolio, and previous leaks have told us that the corporation intends to incorporate TSMC’s cutting-edge 2nm processing technology. Despite being widely anticipated, this discovery represents a substantial advancement in Apple’s roadmap to improve the functionality and efficiency of its devices. Now that further material has come to light, it supports the previously disclosed facts.

These chips will begin to be produced in large quantities in 2025.

An employee of Apple’s leaked LinkedIn profile revealed that the company is actively working on these next-generation CPUs. Although not very novel, this leak provides insight into Apple’s tactical decisions within the tech industry. It’s an exciting moment to be an Apple fan, with TSMC apparently obtaining the first batch of chips when it announced that it would begin commercial manufacturing of 2nm chips by 2025.

The allegedly compromised LinkedIn profile indicated prior work on 5nm and 3nm semiconductors in addition to engagement in “TS2nm” technology, albeit with significant redactions. This suggests a long history of experience in semiconductor creation, spanning major tech companies like Google, AMD, Samsung, and Qualcomm.

This information may indicate that Apple is getting ready to innovate with the upcoming iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max models, which are scheduled for release in 2025. The transition to 2nm technology will bring about major improvements in energy economy and processing speed, which could change user experiences by enabling quicker, more powerful devices without sacrificing battery life. To be honest, we’ve seen what a flagship

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