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Android 14 And Material You Design Are Included in LineageOS 21

There exist more custom ROMs based on Android 14 besides LineageOS 21. Evolution X 8, Voltage OS 3.2, Paranoid Android Uvite, and other apps have already been released. Of course, one of the most well-known custom Android ROMs out there is LineageOS.

Should you choose to install a custom ROM on your Android phone, all of the versions are worthwhile to test because the team also provides the most stable ROMs. Speaking of new releases, LineageOS 21 has several bonuses along with all of Android 14’s capabilities at launch.

The Glimpse feature, developed by the LineageOS team, is one of the new features. For the most recent custom OS, there is a new gallery app. Glimpse adds some useful features and essentially replaces the Gallery2 default AOSP gallery app.

The Aperture camera app is another, not so much new as it is updated with several features like support for Material You design. Additionally, LineageOS 21 offers an improved version of the Jelly browser with improved privacy options. Material You also redesigned a few more beloved apps from this custom ROM, like Calculator, Messaging, and LatinIME.

As of right now, a few devices support the new LineageOS, which is built on Android 14. By using this link to access the official downloads website, you can determine if your tablet or smartphone is compatible. Please take note that you must correctly follow the directions on the page. You run the risk of bricking your smartphone if you don’t. Don’t forget to create a backup of every crucial file.

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