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A “Monopoly” Film is in Development From Lionsgate and Margot Robbie

Producer Margot Robbie is moving on to the lucrative territory of Monopoly, having conquered the plastic, magical world of Barbie Land.

Based on the popular board game with real estate themes, Robbie, her collaborators Josie McNamara and Tom Ackerley are producing a live-action feature film through their firm, LuckyChap. The producers of Monopoly, Hasbro Entertainment, will also be involved.

When Lionsgate completed its acquisition of eOne in December 2023, it also acquired the development rights to the board game. With 99% global recognition, the studio claims that Monopoly is the most well-known board game brand in the world. Since 1935, it has been sold in over 100 countries and almost half a billion copies worldwide.

It’s unclear how Robbie and the others intend to take the two-dimensional Monopoly board and turn it into a narrative tale.So it should come as no surprise that Lionsgate considered them for the task. Based on the adored Mattel doll, LuckyChap recently developed the small smash “Barbie,” which went on to become the highest-grossing film of 2023 with a global total of $1.4 billion.

Adam Fogelson, chair of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, intimated that LuckyChap had “a clear point of view” on the next “Monopoly” film without providing any specifics. At CinemaCon, the yearly trade exhibition for movie theaters presently held in Las Vegas, he made the announcement. The revelation was met with thunderous applause from a crowded house of movie theater owners in Caesars Palace’s Colosseum.

“I could not imagine a better production team for this beloved and iconic brand than LuckyChap,” Fogelson remarked. “They are exceptional producers who choose their projects with great thought and care, and join Monopoly with a clear point of view. We are tremendously excited to be working with the entire LuckyChap team on what we all believe can be their next blockbuster.”

Following the huge success of “Barbie,” LuckyChap—whose previous credits include “I, Tonya” and “Promising Young Woman”—has been highly sought for. It most recently supported the coming-of-age Sundance feature “My Old Ass,” which sold for $15 million to Amazon MGM Studios. The company’s next project is to produce “Naughty,” Wilde’s brand-new Christmas comedy, for Universal Pictures.

“A pun fully intended, Monopoly is a top property,” stated LuckyChap. “Like all of the best IP, this game has resonated worldwide for generations, and we are so excited to bring this game to life alongside the wonderful teams involved at Lionsgate and Hasbro.”

Zev Foreman, head of film at Hasbro Entertainment, stated: “As one of the most iconic games in the world, Monopoly provides an incredible platform for storytelling opportunities. We are thrilled to have the unique vision of LuckyChap and Lionsgate alongside us to bring this historic piece of popular culture to the big screen.”

The studio’s representative in charge of “Monopoly” is James Myers. Robert Melnik oversaw the studio’s negotiations.

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