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‘A definite indication of discourtesy’: Kevin Love responds to Kyrie Irving

Love was a colleague of Irving’s for three seasons with the Cavaliers

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving was fined $25,000 recently for neglecting to participate in preseason media accessibility. On Friday, Irving called media individuals “pawns” in a post on his Instagram story.

Not long after Irving’s remarks surfaced, one of Irving’s previous colleagues, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, told the media that he can’t help contradicting Irving’s position.

“I’m thankful that we’re all working, you guys are all working. I think that goes without saying right now. I love this game. We’ve been able to pull this off, we’re still able to do this,” Love said.

“I’m sorry I’m getting deep with this like Kyrie does, but at the end of the day I just feel like every man, every woman is my superior and that I can learn with them. That’s just how my curiosity really works, and I don’t have fear with that. I’ve talked about not having prejudice with that, I try to live by those words. That’s how I feel. I think that calling anybody a ‘pawn’ is a sure sign of disrespect.”

According to NBA guidelines, players are needed to respond to inquiries from media individuals when instructional course starts. Notwithstanding, Irving delivered an articulation a week ago that he wasn’t going to address the media and would allow his to chip away at and off the court do the talking.

Notwithstanding Love contradicting Irving’s assessments, the five-time All-Star forward still regards Irving.

“I understand where Kyrie is coming from in trying to better a number of people’s lives, but I’m just not a divisive person, so that’s where I stand on that,” Love added.

“I love Kyrie. I know he’s changed, (don’t know) what’s going on, but again I’m just not a divisive person. I believe everybody has a part to play, so long as the intent’s there and it comes from a good place.”

Irving is set to make his preseason debut on Sunday when the Nets take on the Washington Wizards and we’ll check whether the media power outage proceeds.

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