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What Can Fire Watch Guards Do?

Fire is not a joke. It could be your friend in some situations (like when you cook or keep yourself warm) while it could be a threat to life and to your property. Though having a system of fire protection equipment may seem enough, hiring fire watch guards is one of the best options to avoid fire.

Honestly, some people and business owners may feel that it is not important to hire them. What they don’t realize is their importance and the role they play in the fight against fire prevention. As one might have seen in news, documentaries, and in some reality shows, the fire could be very hard to put out. Instead of focusing on how to kill fire when it already started, why not invest in fire prevention. This is where fire watch guards can be very helpful.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a fire watch guard that will help one realize their importance in a business or property.


Fire watch guards, just like most security guards, have the duty to log suspicious or important situations (including events) where the fire could be started. If you own a business, you cannot just ask your employee to create a log. Fire can start in the most unexpected areas and situations. Having these logs can help in knowing what pointers can help avoid fire from occurring or where / how it might have started. Besides, this documentation could be required by the insurance company for easier and faster processing of claims.

Highly trained

Fire watch guards are highly trained to fight fire when it has already started. They know how to handle the situation without having the sense of panicking and being clueless about where to start. Though accidents and faulty systems can be blamed when the fire happened, remember that some of them could be man-made too. These kinds of guards could also be well trained in the use of firearms and other weapons. They can help in fighting any intruder and know what to do in case of these situations.

Creating an evacuation plan

Since they are knowledgeable and the best in their field, fire watch guards can help in creating an evacuation plan depending on the building structure or layout. Aside from this, they also consider other factors that some may not consider, such as the number of people to be evacuated and the right path to go for the fire exit.

Contacting the fire department

If you own a business, employees may be focused on saving themselves and other important items or documents. Due to the panic and not knowing where to start whenever a fire occurred, employees may forget to notify the fire department. A fire watch guard is focused on doing their best on how to fight it, as well as contacting the authorities.

Fire watch guards could be a little underestimated as a requirement for any business or property. They play a vital role in protecting your investment. Their duties are not limited to the ones listed above, as they could offer more services to help fire prevention or avoid spreading it.

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