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The next R&B sensation? Tendo shares a little more.

R&B artist Tendo is no stranger to large stages and big crowds. Born in Washington D.C. the R&B singer has been singing his way all though life. He later moved to Texas and then to Phoenix Arizona, being signed and dreams of making it big in Los Angeles. He tells us “I moved to Texas because I signed a record deal there and I moved to AZ because it was closer to Cali and my plan was to move there within a year for music”.

He now settled down in Arizona and quickly started making a name for himself. He was inspired by greats as Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Al Green just to name a few. His ability hit the high’s notes and keep the perfect tone is can compared to the greats. Tendo is also a orchestrated song writer with a knowledgeable ear. He has written for some major artist already and now is gearing up to unleash his solo effort.

You can hear Tendo on tracks with other known artist and we hear his collab project with West Crav is just about completed. The old smooth sound and that classic R&B feel is what the industry is needing at the moment. Tendo is an old soul with a new sound. Not to many artist out can have this type of range. Tendo is a powerful vocalist that has a very bright future ahead of him.

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