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Taking over multiple niches as a young social media influencer and entrepreneur is DJ Scher.

The 20-year-old entrepreneur, through his passion, grit and commitment helped people achieve their desired success.

We may hear about a lot many success stories with each passing year. However, some of them go ahead in even motivating and inspiring many others in the world. Some young talents have not only entered the business world, but they have also created milestones with whatever they have taken in their hands and have become self-made entrepreneurs. One such name that has been making a lot of buzz lately in the vast business world is of David Scher, aka DJ Scher. This youngster exudes every bit of becoming the next big thing in the entrepreneurial world for the talents he has shown across niches like digital marketing, talent management and dropshipping.

Sounds a bit too much for a 20-year-old to achieve? Well, this is a true story of DJ Scher, who believed in his dreams and thus achieved the success he desired as a social media influencer and entrepreneur. DJ Scher runs three businesses successfully, his digital marketing business called Scher Marketing, a dropshipping business called Luxsy and modelling agency called Discontinue Talent. Since his childhood days, social media was where his heart was hooked onto and he decided to do something in the same.

To get in the field, DJ Scher developed his social media marketing skills and soon turned into a social media influencer, helping clients increase engagement, reach and growth across the online space. This is how his firm Scher Marketing came into existence. Going further in the entrepreneurial space, DJ Scher initiated his dropshipping firm Luxsy that focuses on the female market. As a smart social media marketer and influencer, DJ Scher applied the skills to his dropshipping business and even amidst the pandemic, gained massive results and success with the same.

Apart from this, DJ Scher also got himself involved in model management and partnered with an ace viral marketing expert named Alex Smetana to originate a modelling agency named Discontinue Talent. With this brand, they have helped many models gain modelling gigs with various well-known brands of the world.

If at only 20 years, DJ Scher has grown to be a talent so inspiring; one can imagine the feats he is yet to achieve in the coming years. “Wait for more,” says the young business talent on a parting shot. For now, do follow him on Instagram @djscher to know more.

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