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Windows 10

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows 10, which could turn 240 million PCs into trash and a gold mine for e-waste

Microsoft recently revealed that it will no longer be supporting the Windows 10 operating system. This move will compel many companies that have outdated computers to upgrade, and it may also lead to an increase in the amount of difficult-to-throw…

Step by step instructions to update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free right now

Microsoft at long last confirmed the existence of Windows 11 during an event in June. This announced a long time of breaks and theory from each edge of the web. A couple months after the fact, Microsoft declared that Windows…

After this year, Windows 10 may install and execute Android applications straightforwardly

Some time ago, Windows was the working framework that ran the world, with Mac OS an inaccessible second and Linux holding an imperceptible universe of organizations and workers. Today, be that as it may, not just have Linux and macOS…

How to fix them : 7 Windows 10 inconveniences

Present day innovation appears to be determined to make us insane. In the event that you use Windows 10, here are a couple of alternate ways to assist you with shielding from letting the dissatisfaction send you over the edge….

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