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China Cautions of Reiterating History’s Mistakes With Venezuela

The Chinese government’s best negotiator issued a stern cautioning on Friday against meddling in Venezuela and forcing sanctions, saying history offered an unmistakable exercise about not “following the same old disastrous road”. China has over and again called for outsiders…

Venezuela’s U.S. Legal advisors Just Exchanged From Maduro to Guaido

U.S. legal advisors speaking to Venezuela just exchanged sides. In a strange twist, the American lawyers have requested that a government judge postpone a case including a Canadian gold maker after Venezuelan restriction leader Juan Guaido asserted the nation’s between…

Russia slams U.S. authorizes on Venezuela and guarantees to back Maduro

Russia extended its criticism of the U.S. position on Venezuela on Tuesday, describing the most recent authorizations against the government of President Nicolás Maduro as illegitimate, even as the Russian Finance Ministry recognized that its loans to Caracas were in…

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