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After Houston instruction , U.S. closes office in Chengdu, China

The blow for blow closings denoted a huge heightening in the strains between the two nations. The U.S. says it has shut its office in Chengdu, China. China requested the office shut in counter for a U.S. request to close…

In a Tough situation Previous Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch says State Department

These were her first open comments since affirming before Congress. Previous U.S. represetative to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said the State Department is “in trouble,” with senior pioneers who need “moral clarity” and “policy vision,” in her first open comments since…

State Department to declare all nations importing Iranian oil will be liable to US sanctions

The State Department is set to declare all nations that keep on bringing in Iranian oil will be liable to US sanctions, The Washington Post provided details regarding Sunday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will declare Monday morning that as…

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