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Starlink, a Mission Launched from Vandenberg Space Force Station, Rounds Up SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Double Launch Day

SpaceX launched 20 Starlink V2 Mini satellites from the West Coast, 13 of which have Direct to Cell capabilities, to finish off another successful twin launch day. At 8:47 p.m. PDT (11:47 p.m. EDT, 0347 UTC), the Starlink 9-2 mission…

First of two scheduled back-to-back Falcon 9 Starlink missions is launched by SpaceX

SpaceX is getting ready for a hectic last week of January. As the corporation is ready to launch a Northrop Grumman Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station for the first time, two Starlink flights are scheduled to begin operations….

In 2024, SpaceX launches its first direct-to-smartphone satellite

After receiving a temporary experimental license to begin testing the capability in the US, SpaceX launched its first batch of Starlink satellites on January 2. The satellites are intended to connect directly to unmodified smartphones. Launched from Vandenberg Space Force…

Launch Of SpaceX’s 62nd Orbital Mission Of The Year Sets A Record

SpaceX has set a new record for launches. At 10:47 p.m. EDT (02:47 GMT on Sept. 4), the company launched 21 of its Starlink internet satellites into orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida….

On its 62nd Mission Of The Year, SpaceX Breaks The Record By Launching Starlink Satellites

SpaceX just set another send off record. The organization sent 21 of its Starlink web satellites to circle this evening (Sept. 3) on a Hawk 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 10:47 p.m. EDT (0247 GMT…

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