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Formula 1

Formula 1 Halo-equipped Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept is an SL

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26, Mercedes-AMG unveiled the PureSpeed concept car, the first in the incredibly rare Mercedes Mythos series. A two-seat roadster designed for open-air driving is called the PureSpeed. It gives up a roof,…

At The Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen Wins A Record 10th straight Formula One Race

MONZA, Italy – – Max Verstappen guaranteed a record tenth successive F1 triumph at the Italian Terrific Prix on Sunday to move clear of the count set by Sebastian Vettel in 2013. The Red Bull driver, who rose to Vettel’s…

Ford declares plans to return to Formula One starting with the 2026 season

Ford, one of the biggest automakers in the United States, has stated that they will return to Formula 1 when new engine regulations are implemented in 2026. This will add another chapter to the American organization’s extensive history in the…

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