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Unlock The Secrets of Your DNA With Genetic Methylation Tests At Home

Personalized health is gaining high importance these days. In this situation, generic methylation tests have emerged considerably. Due to this growth, nowadays, genetic methylation tests at home are available. These tests help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their DNA….

A New Study Indicates That Early Risers May Be Neanderthal Descendants

The research, which was released earlier this week in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution, revealed that people who rise early might have inherited Neanderthal genes that make them more likely to be morning people rather than people who thrive…

For a more life, One refreshment food to eat

There are surely a great deal of nourishments out there that can help with life span. But then, while there are numerous nourishments you can eat for a more drawn out life, there’s one nibble food, specifically, that ought to…

New class of genetic transformations behind autism identified by AI

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), specialists have found new genetic defects that add to autism in individuals. Most past research on the genetic basis of disease has concentrated on the 20,000 known genes and the surrounding sections of DNA that manage…

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