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Samsung has added a feature to its phones that protects the battery, but not everyone can use it yet

For many smartphone users, battery health has always been a primary concern. Android users have been left waiting, while iPhone users have been able to take advantage of a dedicated feature for tracking battery life and health. But at last,…

By Covering Anodes In Metal Particles, Engineers Increase Battery Life

Prelithiation, which involves coating silicon anodes with stabilized lithium metal particles (SLMPs) and thereby reducing lithium loss and increasing battery life cycles, has been significantly improved by researchers at Rice University’s George R. Brown School of Engineering. This is stated…

Google Pixel 5a break uncovers the biggest ever Pixel battery

A new set of leaked photos of Google’s Pixel 5a purport to show the telephone’s outer plan, however its internal components, including a 4,680mAH battery that would be the greatest ever in a Pixel. The images portray parts being conveyed…

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