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NASA Selects Astronauts for SpaceX’s Crew-9 ISS Mission

The four astronauts that will travel on SpaceX’s Crew-9 mission this summer to the International Space Station have been named by NASA. NASA announced on Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 31) that Zena Cardman, Nick Hague, Stephanie Wilson, and cosmonaut Aleksandr Gorbunov…

A NASA Astronaut Breaks A Stunning New Record

From the main excursion to the Moon and then some, NASA has been setting the sorts of records that motivate humankind, and they simply continue to set the bar higher. For instance, one space explorer as of late logged his…

Saudi astronauts, including the first Arab woman, are sent to the ISS by SpaceX

The first Arab woman astronaut has been transported to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a private rocket. On Sunday’s mission, Saudi Arabian breast cancer researcher Rayyanah Barnawi was joined by fighter pilot Ali al-Qarni, a fellow Saudi. The pair…

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