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‘Hum’ or ‘Sing’ to Search on Android Devices with YouTube Music Now

An Android feature that lets users search for songs they can’t stop talking about using their voice is beginning to roll out on YouTube Music. When tapping search on YouTube Music, viewers should start to notice a wavelength icon next…

Voice Messages on Android Devices can Soon be Read via WhatsApp

Voice message transcription is a useful new function that WhatsApp is working on bringing to Android users. Tipster AssembleDebug discovered the feature in the most recent WhatsApp beta version, They discovered text strings indicating voice message transcripts and the…

Apple Plans to Simplify the Transition from iPhones to Android Devices, Enabling Users to Remove Safari Entirely

Apple is preparing to implement policies that will facilitate users’ transition from iPhones to Android phones, a move that has the potential to completely transform the smartphone industry. You might even be able to remove Safari altogether. The European Union’s…

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