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Simon Crowe continues to garner reviews for the work done at Custom Offroad Accessories

Adventure lover and 4-wheel drive enthusiast, Simon Crowe, continues to grow his influence in the auto industry with the solutions offered at Custom Offroad Accessories

What started as a hobby has quickly become the source of solution for thousands if not millions of people in Australia and other parts of the world. Simon Crowe has become one of the biggest names in the Australian auto industry thanks to the work he and his friend, Mitchell Gregory, have done with Custom Offroad Accessories, otherwise known as Custom Offroad Bash Plates.

The multi-billion dollar automotive industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years and the market is not looking to slow down anytime soon, thanks to the increasing demand from customers across the globe. The auto accessories market has benefitted from the growth of the automotive industry. Worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the auto accessories market has witnessed the emergence of several brands in recent times to meet the needs of car owners and drivers. One aspect of the market that continues to suffer from relatively poor services, at least, until the emergence of Simon Crowe and the team at Custom Offroad Accessories is the 4-wheel drive market.

Simon focuses on helping the seemingly underserved community that requires 4WD Underbody Protection or “Bash Plates” for their offroad adventures. Unfortunately, many of the products in the market do not meet the needs of users as they are only designed to protect against stone damage. This is where Simon has been of immense help by providing bush plates that ensure that vehicles are protected from rocks, stumps, and ruts encountered in a relatively more challenging terrain.

The bush plates offered by Custom Offroad Accessories have a minimum of 3mm thick stainless steel, ensuring that vehicles can take several hits through their 4X4 adventure and still come out unhurt. The plates are designed to protect vital components of the vehicle without compromising its performance, durability, or look.

The unique combination of style, relative affordability, and quality has helped Simon and the team at Custom Offroad Accessories to become one of the most sought-after providers of underbody protection with accolades coming from different quarters. “Purchased undercover protection for my MQ Triton perfect fit, all bolts, washers supplied. Machining and fabrication was second to no one. Great job! Will be testing in the Victorian High Country early next month,” James Marsh.


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