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RHONJ – Joe Giudice Gives Fans An Online Tour Of His Apartment In Italy

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Guidice is more than happy to be a free man. He is making use of Instagramplatform he is showing off his new digs to share with his followers. He has given peek inside of his own small Italian apartment. It is one of the major improvements from the place where he has already lived for the four years.

Giudice showed off his bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom in a video tour. He actually showed off his humble dwelling by doing that. At the same time, he also showed off one of the amazing view of the mountains from the balcony of his apartment. Moreover, the video showed the gated apartment community as well as his silver Mercedes.

“Go to the gym, go eat and that’s my Saturday afternoon,” said Giudice. I’m very excited. Life is good. I wish I was home, but this is better than where I was.”

No doubt, the apartment is far from the six bathrooms, six bedroom, 10,000 square foot mansion in the New Jersey. He was sharing that with his wife Teresa and their four daughters. Their daughters name areGia 18, Milania 13, Gabriella 15, and Audriana 10 years old.

From March 2016 to March 2019; Giudice lived inside a prison cell. He stayed in two different federal prisons. He was serving his sentence for bankruptcy fraud. Afterwards he spent last seven months inside a detention center named as ICE before his release on 11th October.

Rather than going back to his home in New Jersey, Giudice was supposed to go to his native Italy. However, he is waiting for the final decision on his appeal of deportation. In the video, Juicy Joe shared that he will start working next week however he did not share that where he will be working or what job he will do.

Giudice is surrounded by his family and friends in Italy however Teresa as well as their four daughters are still in New Jersey. Though they flew to Italy for a short visit Joe is again anxiously waiting for his daughters to come for Christmas holidays.

On the other hand Teresa won’t make the holiday trip. She shared that she does not plan to go back to Italy until the summer next year.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Teresa said that “The girls are going to go back. They wanted to go back for Thanksgiving, but Joe’s just getting his passport so we don’t know. We were gonna meet in the Bahamas, but he’s gonna get his passport right around that time.

Teresa also shared that she thought that girls would be fine after meeting their dad in Italy but they are still missing their dad. She explained that she has been trying to do everything to make them happy to an extent where she jumps through hoops for them. All because of what they have been through.

However RHONJ – Joe Giudice Gives Fans An Online Tour Of His Apartment In Italy was a treat indeed.

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