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PRO REPS by Laurence Jolicoeur brings the sport of basketball into the limelight

Training amateurs and pros, on and off the field, this basketball expert is aiming to take the journey’s of many to the next level.

Basketball has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the world such that it is now being played in nearly every country in the world. This popularity has led to basketball becoming one of the most lucrative sports in the world, which has resulted in many individuals entering this sport and making it big. We talk about one such sportsperson who has excelled in the sport of basketball by doing extraordinarily well and even training hundreds under his PRO REPS academy, he is Laurence Jolicoeur.

Laurence popularly known as ‘LJ’ has been an avid follower of the game since his early days. Born and raised in Queens, NY, he developed a keen liking for basketball when in school when he played for Holy Cross, which played in the CHSAA, one of the top high school leagues in the country. Attending Manhattan College, he earned a Division I scholarship and completed his undergrad degree in Exercise Science which was followed by a post grad year from University of Maryland of Baltimore County, after which he started playing professional basketball in Italy.

He formed Pro Reps after attaining a favourable position in the sport and gained immense popularity for his skilled training methods, which gave a big push to the careers of many players. Today, he trains aspiring basketball players and helps them gain a good grip over the game. “I want to train as many aspiring basketball players and help them attain their personal basketball goals ,” says LJ who is confident that his vast knowledge about the sport will help many players on and off the court.

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