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Not just a tailor but a wizard, Roderick Harvey stuns everyone with his mind boggling collection of suits

Roderick Harvey who has built this empire of Custom Couture suits under the title ‘Suitguyharvey’ has taken the world by storm with his unique Starstruck collection.

This collection is edgy and classy.It not just embellishes one’s physique but also brings the personality to limelight

Just like his own personality, Roderick Harvey brings life into his creations with authenticity.

Roderick Harvey considers his profession as an art and expresses his creativity through Intricate Stitching and perfect fit.

He started off as an young talent at the age of 25 and 13 years later he have built what can be called as a true example of sheer brilliance and hardwork.

Roderick Harvey has worked with world renowned talents such as Snoop Dogg,Drake, Dj Khaled and many more and customized suits that matched their personality the best.

He is successful yet grounded and he is an individual who is driven by passion.

His story is the one that insipires so many to build a life of good work and positivity.