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Nomad Mr.Murk City

We are accustomed to reading the online art market through numbers of transactions and the size of invoices. But many of us have forgotten how the web is really changing the way of buying art in the world. A small revolution whose protagonists are the independent artists, the new generations of art lovers and the suburbs of what we could define as the empire of contemporary art, as we have known it to date.

Today I’m going to talk about a very promising artist: Nomad Mr Murk City. Despite the pandemic, his project did not stop and on August 28th was released his first independent album: Trip Bible. It stands for “Take Risks And Prosper, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”.

There are still those who chase systems of the old music industry, which are now adrift. But the reality is that day after day the old music industry collapses. And it collapses in favour of small musical realities that, with imagination and creativity, promote their music by themselves.

We are talking about people like Nomad Mr.Murk City, who recorded two videos for two singles off the album, Make It Home (feat. Moviee215) and Keep Pushin.

Management cannot please everyone at all costs. New directives lead to create your own style, a following of fans that can support your music; that can make a path together with your artistic project and that you can recognize in what you do. In fact the style of Nomad Mr. Murk City is definitely recognizable, current and really powerful. What are you waiting for? Go and listen to a rising musical reality, a talent that even the pandemic could not stop. We are talking about Nomad Mr.Murk City.

To get started in the best way, I highly recommend “Make it Home” (feat. Moviee215). You will not regret it! You can find it on all the most important music platforms.