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NFC Cards Enable A Flipsuit-inspired Redesign For The Eco-Friendly Galaxy S24 Covers

This year, Samsung is carrying on with its Eco-Friends accessory line and has unveiled new designs for the most recent Galaxy S24 series. A staggering 57 covers for the Galaxy S24, S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra have been revealed by the business.

More precisely, there are 57 NFC card designs in the Eco-Friends case line for the Galaxy S24 series, spanning 16 well-known IPs (intellectual properties), which include bands like Rolling Stones and Stray Kids.

An artist video is included with the Stray Kids NFC card for the Galaxy S24 Ultra cover.

Samsung’s Future Generation Lab, which aims to represent Gen Z’s preferences for sustainable and eco-friendly products, created the new cases for the Galaxy S24 series.

Eco-Friends and Flipsuits are starting to look alike.

If the idea behind these new Galaxy S24 Eco-Friends cases sounds familiar, it’s probably because the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Flipsuit concept is being borrowed for the new collection.

In 2022 and again in 2023, the first Eco-Friends accessories were released with the goal of promoting post-consumer materials (PCM). Similarly, at least 40% PCM is included in the most recent Galaxy S24 cases.

This year’s Eco-Friends cases are different in that they have NFC cards, just as the Flipsuit case Samsung unveiled for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 the previous year.

It’s unclear if Flipsuit and Eco-Friends are merging, but the idea behind all these accessories is the same: you can customise your phone’s theme, wallpaper, and icons in addition to its exterior by sliding NFC cards behind a transparent shell.

The concept is to purchase a single case and customise it using NFC cards, reducing the amount of plastic waste produced if you choose to express yourself with various designs. First introduced with Flipsuit, the idea is now being applied to Eco-Friends.

Regarding availability, Samsung reports that the Eco-Friends covers for the Galaxy S24 are available in Korea and will be made accessible in over 40 countries in the first half of 2024, including the USA and Japan.

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