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Mohsen Avid, one of the things I continued to sing was that people could hear my voice

Mohsen Avid, whose real name is Mohsen Parhizkar, one of the famous Iranian rappers born on September 8, 1993, talks about the problems and difficulties that have existed for him in rap music so far Mohsen loves music and talking to him is fascinating. A kind and well-educated boy from a family whose master’s degree is the minimum literacy required to be literate!

It is very good for someone to succeed if he is right. Mohsen loved music for many years and tried, studied and experienced, and beside him, in an educated family, he did not forget his education and studied until his master’s degree. He did not acquire this style of reading for free and by chance.

Tried and tried Mohsen Avid said in one of his TV interviews: “Our traditional music is not very much borrowed from regional music.” Of course, we do not know exactly what happened in the distant past. For example, we had groups called Khosravani, which is one of the corners of the satellite system.

Mohsen Avid believes that music can fly the soul, we hear from a young man who is familiar with most instruments and most branches of music, Mohsen, apart from being a successful singer, owns a business and He is one of the Iranian entrepreneurs in the export industry, one of his close friends has mentioned that Mohsen is always in the forefront of doing good deeds, and he donates money to many charities.

In an interview, he even said that in music that can never be said, I have become a professional because music really has no end. Of course, I follow music professionally and I am always working and studying, and the basis of my field of study is music. That I taught singing and I know harmony and counterpoint, It has helped me a lot. Sometimes when the mind is tired and one feels repetitive, if one also has the knowledge of the work, this knowledge can help him to enter this story from other branches.

He was asked why do you read?

With a smile that is always on his lips, he said: I sing because people want, people hear my voice, people welcome me, the day I started music, I did not even publish my photos for a few years, I wanted to first To see if people are okay with Mohsen Avid at all or not, then if I am accepted by the people, then I will publish my photos and videos.

Finally, in 2012, I became very popular with live music and rap, and they found me on Facebook, and they asked me to read more to them under any circumstances, it was a strange situation, in that year, live music. And rap got more than 1 million hits on Spotify, it was very high for me, who was just starting out, I was in a good mood.

Mohsen Avid is very active on Instagram, where he plays his music and talks to most of his fans there. Mohsen Avid Instagram address (Avid_Official)

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