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Meet AJ Cartas and Simon Malette, the Instagram Power Couple Behind Just For Deux

Business and social media are nowadays more relevant to each other than any time before. Being in the social media business and having a big social media platform is very advantageous to have because you have a 360 view of the industry. A business without social media marketing is a waste because you’re missing the potential connection with millions of other people.. AJ Cartas and Simon Malette, also known as Just For Deux, are two renowned people in this field of social media, especially in Instagram.

Even multi-billion dollar companies are still trying to get this “right,” which is where AJ comes in.

AJ  has been a social media expert for over seven years. He is the Founder of a social media agency, Syzygy Social, who specializes in organic social media and content strategy. Meanwhile, Simon is working as a business consultant by helping startups fundraise. He is also a board member at a cleantech company based in North America.

They both have immense dedication and passion in their respective field of work. AJ and Simon is currently being approached from many international companies to run their social media in the United States. Not only is the duo working with various, notable companies, but they also have a non-profit called Our Damn Time, who is advocating for equality. With the non-profit, they are hoping to help political candidates get elected and who have platforms that embrace progressive policies to ensure equality amongst everyone.

AJ and Simon believe that learning shouldn’t stop in a classroom and think that a degree is just a piece of paper, both of whom are college dropouts. Hearing from AJ and Simon, people should pursue their passion and make some impact for good in the world. We definitely need more of that nowadays, don’t you think?

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