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Meet 20 year old Nathan Johnson, who has created a strong foothold in the social media world as an Instagram Expert.

The growing popularity of social media has unleashed tremenderous opportunities, which if utilized properly, can give fantastic results.

13 year old Nathan observed that the online world was vast enough to provide the right path to success, if mended in the correct fashion, and that’s what he did and achieved success, at an early age. Today, at 20, he commands a position which is capable enough of calling the shots, from the top. Growing up on the staple diet of internet, Nathan was very well versed with the nitty-gritty’s of social media. He started creating different Instagram pages and churned out engaging content, which drew people, making him a popular Instagrammer. A company called Amp Me paid him $100 to make a post on them, and since then Nathan has diligently followed this path, and become one of the most sought after and well known Instagram experts in the industry today.

Reaching heights of success and knowing it all is not enough to keep you going, for Nathan strongly believes that to enjoy actual success, one needs to be happy from within. For him, true happiness can only be achieved by doing something you love and enjoy doing, and his true calling was creating Instagram pages, which was his only passion, which he successfully turned into a full time profession, and that too a hugely triumphant one. “Turning your passion into profession which rewards you well financially is like a cherry on the cake”, states Nathan. Once you have that sense of achievement, you are bound to take risks, enjoy life to the fullest and also help others in your journey called life.

Nathan has a strong support system in the form of his girlfriend, Ryan Donovan, who has stood like a pillar of strength behind him, inspiring and motivating him to aim for more, which is truly worth appreciating. Nathan says “you need genuine people around you to experience what true happiness is all about, I truly believe that success is not only about money, but also about how content you are from within, that’s what matters the most.”

With a strong base of 40 million followers, Nathan is looking forward to explore his full potential and build a company which would help build successful social media campaigns to benefit a number of individuals, brands and businesses in coming times.

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