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Kashmir Born India’s Ace Makeup Artist Sabina Shafi making a name in Delhi.

The makeup industry is a vast subject nowadays that requires great research. With many editorials and online classes, it seems easy to learn basic makeup artists and become a PRO in this field; you have to be skilful and gifted, too, like Ace Makeup artist Sabina Shafi.

There’s a reason why makeup artists hold a special place and an important role in today’s world. It is because of their beauty knowledge. We often see Bollywood stars in a perfect makeover. Still, nowadays, even women working as an entrepreneur or high profile jobs keep themselves up to date and beautiful all the time. Ever recognised how they ace their appearance every single time? It is because of the expertise of top makeup artists like Sabina Shafi who give them a look at their life every time.

Considering her makeup brush as her weapon, Sabina Shafi dreams to convey the value of self-grooming. She has surpassed boundaries, which has earned her a great name in the makeup industry, working with many well-known designers and photographers. Giving a perfect look for everyone has created lots of buzz in the market for the past few years. It is a competitive field and to make a name on the top list shows her talent and knowledge.

It is important to know more about Sabina’s exceptional talent and journey so that many others can take inspiration from her life. Sabina Shafi worked as a cabin supervisor in the aviation industry. Little did she know then that her job in the aviation space, where she was required to create an attractive look through makeup, would help her develop a passion for makeup and grooming.

Her makeup trials kept growing as she travelled more worldwide as a part of the aviation industry. Eventually, Sabina Shafi went ahead to turn her passion for makeup into her profession and dived fully into the makeup industry.

To master as a makeup artist, she started learning makeup from the London and enhanced her skills by many makeup trials on her friends and family.

Sabina Shafi confesses that her journey as a makeup artist has been colossal and rewarding as she worked upon her personality and honed her skills by convening many people worldwide. Sabina has got the opportunity to work with multiple renowned photographers and designers. She got the opportunity to present her works’ portfolio, designer, editorial, jewellery, and bridal shoots.

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