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Google I/O 2023 will be held in front of a “limited” in-person audience on May 10th

On May 10, Google’s annual developer conference will return. After people quickly solved the teaser puzzle that Google shared in the morning, the search engine giant announced the date on Tuesday afternoon. I/O 2023 will take place at the historic Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, in front of a “limited live audience” just like it did last year. Since before the pandemic, Google has not held an I/O to which anyone with payment can go. Like many other in-person events scheduled for that year, the conference was canceled in 2020. After a year, Google held the event on its Mountain View campus, with mostly company employees attending in person.

The good news is that Google will stream the event to the public. On-demand developer sessions that can be watched on YouTube and the I/O website will follow a keynote from CEO Sundar Pichai at I/O 2023. At I/O 2023, there will be a lot at stake, even more so than in previous years. With good reason, Google is likely to spend a significant portion of the event promoting its most recent AI innovations and advancements. After the chatbot provided incorrect information regarding the James Webb Space Telescope, the most recent Bard announcement did not go as planned. Google must demonstrate that it will not be surpassed by rivals like OpenAI.

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